Monday, October 20, 2008

3 Quick And Easy Dishes - From Stove to Tabletop in 45 Mins

3 quick and easy dishes take would take you within 45 mins to prepare and serve. On top of that, the dishes are relatively balanced in terms of the carbohydrates, proteins and fibre! What is best is that, the food are healthy steamed dishes - no oil and frying! What you need is a 2 layer steamer and your rice cooker!

1. Five-Spiced Meat With Steamed Potato Strips

1 can Narcissus Five-Spiced Pork Meat
1 round potato, cut into strips

1. Spread potato strips at bottom of plate
2. Open can of five-spiced pork meat and spread on top of potato strips
3. Lay aside to prepare for steaming

2. Steam Egg With Minced Pork Meat

1/2 bowl of minced pork (season with soy sauce and pepper)
2 eggs
1 full egg shell of water

1. Whisk the 2 eggs well in a bowl. Use half the egg shell to measure water. Use proportion of half egg shell of water to 1 egg. Mix well
2. Add in minced pork and mix well with egg mixture
3. Pour into shallow plate and lay aside for steaming

3. Steamed Fish With Tomato And Mushrooms

1 piece/whole fish of choice
1 medium sized tomato, cut to small pieces
1 pack mushroom
1 small ginger, diced

1. Season fish with salt and pepper. Take care to season both sides
2. Wash and clean mushroom. Lay at bottom of plate
3. Lay fish on top mushroom bed
4. Spread tomato and ginger (to rid of fishy taste) on top of fish
5. Set aside to prepare for steaming

- Now, place the fish and five-spiced dice meat into the 2 tier steamer to steam for about 15 mins
- Wash your rice to be cooked in the rice cooker. Place eggs into rice cooker as well. Wait for rice to cook in 15 mins
- When done, you would have a nice meal that is healthy and well-balanced!