Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Steamed Moist Chocolate Cake

I chanced upon this recipe and decided to make this my first attempt to domestic goddess-hood as it does not require baking (I don't have an oven at home). All I need to do is to steam it and it is supposed to taste as nice as the infamous Lana Chocolate Cake, which I had not exactly tasted before.

Woke up on a fantastic Sunday morning and got ready to get my hands on making the cake. I followed the recipe, word for word, line by line. Honestly, I was abit 'horrified' at the amount of butter, eggs and cream milk that goes into a cake. Imagine the calories! I could almost feel a surge of nausea coming up as I see 3/4 of the butter melting into the mixture. I thought to myself, the next attempt shall be a healthier recipe or at least a healthier version of the cake.

After getting the cake into the steamer, I went on to make the chocolate fudge topping. I did not have corn oil, and the smart aleck in me told me to use olive oil instead. Should be ok, since both are oil. Then the olive oil could not make up the required quantity, so I added peanut oil to top it up. I was crossing my fingers as I mix the oils in. Will someone die eating my cake?

After a 45 min wait, the cake was out of the steamer, extremely beautiful and fluffy. The chocolate topping turned out a bit too thick, hence it was extremely tough spreading it round the cake. And it also had the lingering smell of olive oil - thanks to my ingenuity! I topped it with walnut, such that at least it can look presentable. The verdict - the cake was soft and fluffy with strong cocoa taste. Steaming it was as good as baking. Texture was just as soft. Yummy!


  1. ok.. you have to start bringing these things for us to TASTE!!!

    not just pictures!!! heheheh

  2. Congrats cousin! Way to go! Am sure you'll be a 'can go kitchen, can go living room' super gal! ;)

  3. nt bad for 1st timer! maybe i shd try it too.hehehe