Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Invincible Iron-Goddess

It has been a long while since I am up in this space. It is a bit different now that I am officially a 'Mrs'. No more living like a princess but guess what? I became an invincible Iron-Goddess!

Well, what I mean is that I iron shirts like a breeze now. Throw me a pile and I can zip through them in a jiffy. Bearing in mind I have the TV switched on in front of me and often enough, I have 2 eyes on the TV and none on the iron! Imagine how far I had came till today - I had started off taking almost an hour to iron just one shirt!

To help my fellow sisters achieve the Iron-Goddess status as well. I found some useful tips on how to iron clothes in a jiffy. These videos are useful. Check them out.

How to iron a shirt:
How to iron trousers:

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