Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Beauty Wishlist

Work had been crazy for the past one week. I broke my personal record of working overtime... I worked till 3am on one crazy day. The rest of the days - I was averaging at least a 13hr workday. Well, on the brighter side of things, the whole team was working hard together, so it makes the inhumane late nights a little more bearable. Then, we knew it was going to be a sprint, so we worked really hard, knowing that this would be over soon.

So now, things have died down a little (of course, emergencies could happen anytime). I have a bit of me-time and realised I have not posted in a while. With brain cells severely depleted over the past one week, I was wondering what to post. Anyway, since I had shared in my previous post what I had in my beauty armory, I realised it is most befitting to share my wishlist!

Firstly, I am eternally in search of that miracle formula to solve my 3 key skin problems:

1. Dark eye circles
2 Large pores
3. Dark spots and acne marks

So whenever I see newly launched products in magazines or at beauty counters, I would have that urge to buy it, try it, praying that this would be THE product that will rid me of the abovementioned problems.

However, there is only one face I could use those products on, I would just have to keep adding these products to my wishlist and eventually get down to trying them when I have finished the existing ones.

Would be kinda fun running through the list and strike it off once I get my hands on it. I think this should also be a great post to send to the husband. I would not mind surprises, would you?

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