Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Article - 'Best Treatment For Cellulite' is on Helium Homepage!

This is such a proud moment. My article 'Best Treatment For Cellulite' has appeared on Helium Homepage!

I have been with Helium since Sep 2007. Helium is a site where anyone can write and contribute their articles to. You voice your opinions and expertise on your favourite subjects. Also, you can also read and rate what others are writing on those subjects too. I see Helium like a treasure vault of knowledge. The nice perk of contributing to Helium is that you actually accumulate earnings from your articles. And for additional earnings, you can submit to Marketplace, a place where publishers actually load their required topics and pay if they select your articles

So far, I have written on varied topics like irritable bowel syndrome (which i was suffering sometime ago); my recent travel to Bali; leadership and strategy issues and of course, cellulite troubles etc. As you can see, I write basically on anything that interests me!

So, if you are reading this blog, unleash the writer in you. Check out Helium!

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