Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Great Online Sites For Perfume, Skincare, Makeup and Cosmetic Products

I had been doing my research for cosmetic/beauty sites that are trustworthy and sells a good range of perfume, skincare, makeup and cosmetic products.

Here are the 2 high on my recommendation list:

This company and its site originate from Hong Kong and offers free shipping to any parts of the world. I just made my first purchase from the website on a Thursday, and it arrived at my doorstep on Mon - truly living up to their shipping promise of 4-6 days delivery. What's more, there is a fantastic range of stuff at the website, and you get discounts if you buy more or if you are repeat customer. The prices are considerably lower than if I get it from the shopping malls (I did my research as well).

2. Best Buy Comestics
Another company whose presence is in Hong Kong and has a warehouse in Singapore. It only ships to Singapore and gives free delivery for order of S$50 and above. Below that, a S$10 delivery charge levied. The interesting part about this website is that they sell bite sized samples and when you do the maths, it is actually much cheaper than getting the normal size. They also sell the normal size at a slightly lower price than in the market too. The samples are good to have if you are travelling, as it saves on the bulk. Also, I feel that the product would be fresher as you are exposing a smaller amount of the product to the open conditions!

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