Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Paid Online Survey Sites That Earns You Cash

Another interesting thing I found on the internet – paid online survey sites. In fact, there are many of such survey sites and they are seeking for people to participate in the thousands of online surveys that go on in the cyberworld everyday.

These sites are free for sign up. You don’t pay a cent to put your name as part of the survey panel. There are cash rewards and payment is typically through check or PayPal. You can do your part for charity if you don’t wish to take the cash as some sites allow for direct charity donation for your survey rewards. The sites also have referral system which helps you accumulate your cash rewards faster. Last but not least, your voice gets heard through your contribution in the surveys, helping to the world in your own way!

Anyway, below are a few sites that I am currently signed up with. The rewards are accumulating slowly and I am also trying to find more bona-fide ones (there are many who are just hoax) to add to the list. Here are those that I am currently signed up with:

1. GlobalTestMarket
2. Clear Voice Survey
3. SpiderMetrix
4. SurveyHead
5. SurveySavvy
6. OpinionWorld

A point to note! Beware of survey sites that require a sign-up fee to gain access. These sites are only selling a list of other survey sites, which could be easily found via google without having to pay. So beware!

Look out for additions to this list…

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