Friday, November 21, 2008

Familiarising Myself With Chinese Herbs

I was trying frantically to figure out what the many plastic packets in my fridge contains. You see, that's the mother-in-law's fridge (I am just squatting at her place before getting our own). And, guess what, those plastic bags are full of chinese herbs. Sometimes 2 or 3 packets of the same ones... gosh, why does she need so much? can't she replenish when they are finished? Don't they have expiry date?

Come to think about it, I was raised with my mother's love-meals that cannot go without some form of herbal soup. That's Cantonese's pride. Now, it is time for me to take over the legacy...It is time to familiarise myself with all these herbs.

I scoured the internet and found this fantastic site of a fellow blogger - Cuisine Paradise Kitchen's Tips. These photos were my first step of the familiarisation exercise... 3 cheers for those photos!

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