Monday, November 24, 2008

Time Bomb Bio-Clock...Tick Tick Boom?

I was at a gathering with a bunch of gal friends whom I have not met for a long time. My gosh! Boy, was it a long while, cos they turned up either with a kid in their hands or a kid in the stomach. Suddenly, I felt a horrifying wave of silence washed over me, followed by an ascending but clear, crips - tick, tick, tick.

Omigosh, is that my bio-clock ticking? Does it seem to be ticking faster with each beat? I felt like it was going to explode in no time. I look at the mothers and mother-to-be amongst my friends and realised how blissful they all are. Every thread of conversation was baby-related. As much as I like to participate, I can't help feeling slightly detached from the clan. Is that how future gal-pal gatherings would be like - mummy-focus group? I missed the days where we bitch about bosses, weird fellow colleagues or just some idiotic rumours running around our offices.

Sigh... My turn should come eventually. Just don't know when. But I hope the bio-clock will not explode before that...

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  1. Don't worry lah.. nowadays 35 is still young.. keep smiling and your body will fight the bio clock automatically... don't be influenced by those simple minded woman who only talk about changing nappies.. coz their husband wish that they were smarter too.