Monday, December 1, 2008

Down-In-Luck From Undies Washload?

Just got pissed beyond words. I am fuming! The Queen just chided my Prince Charming for allowing his dearest Beauty to wash her undies/bra in the common washload. I hate it when someone say things about my Prince Charming! You see, in the ancient folklore, washing a lady's undies and bra together with the man's load will magically bring him bad luck beyond his wildest imagination. It can get so bad that the man might just drop dead for no reason!

But I don't understand, aren't the man also borned out of a woman? So, he has already been from down there, so does it matter that the undies/bra are washed together in a common load? If so, then Prince Charmings out there, don't ever lay a hand on your Beauties as it would bring you bad luck, worse then you can imagine.

I just wish my Prince Charming would be firmer with the Queen and just tell her off. What's wrong with washing together? If that is bad, would it be worse to always keep walking under the Queen's trousers while it is being hung to dry? I think those are the ones which is bringing the 'supposed 'bad luck' to my Prince Charming.

For now, Beauty is comtemplating getting a mini washing machine just for her undies/bra. But then again, why should I go through more water and electricity just to appease the unreasonable Queen. Just heck it. To the Queen, wake up... you are in modern day now...

1 comment:

  1. wah piang.. woman.. just hand wash lah...

    honestly i never throw it in the machine either... don't want my precious stuff to be spinning around in the machine... hehehehe