Monday, December 22, 2008

Save My Face!

As if a tribute to my turning 30, my face waged Star Wars on me. It is terrible to see horrifying zits erupting on my chin and forehead. The aftermath is even more scary - ugly dark marks left behind from healed zits. I had never had such bad face days, why must this be the first most significant event after the milestone big 3-0?

I wonder if it was the stress from my ticking bio clock and the undies saga. I think most likely that. Also, the dermatologist says it is hormonal and the many web materials I read also said so. Imagine, hormonal changes plus stress, can't get any better then that!

This morning, I celebrated as a stubborn zit finally seem to surrender and turn pacified to be healed. But darn it - another one popped up somewhere. I just wonder when will this end and I get my nice skin back. It also does not help that where the zits are, the skin had became raw, red, tight, stingy and flaky. It is a horrible sight! I feel like a monster...

For now, I am trying hard not to pop those zits, although in the past when they are rare and few, popping them (if done carefully) accelerated the healing process. Guess I can't do that now. I am also taking evening primrose oil supplements as they are famed to help regular hormonal imbalances. I am hoping that this will help me win the zit war.

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