Wednesday, December 31, 2008

30-Day Challenge Terminated - Mission Failed!

Remember the 30-day challenge I posted myself to not pick on my pimples? Well, I failed, I did not even get pass Day 2. I am such a pathetic!

It is probably too ingrained in me and my pre-programmed fingers will automatically roam around the face to locate the first bump in its way. Then the pimple stick follows naturally and is whipped to eradicate it. To be honest, the sense of satisfaction is overwhelming, but so is the guilt that comes with it. I knew I had deliberately injured several skin cells in the process and that the healing process is going to be delayed for another one more week. Damn!

I cannot imagine how weak my will is in this aspect. I should have done better. Anyway, one should always get another chance at redemption, right?

Today is the last day of 2008 and I have arranged for a facial to get professional help to eradicate all the pimples, comedones and clogged rubbish in my pores. Start 2009 tomorrow, I resolve to keep my fingers off my face and let it have some peace. This time, I must make sure I come out victorious!

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