Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy - 3 times over!

Today, I am so so so happy. In fact, I am happy - 3 times over! Let me tell you why:

Happy No. 1

My blog got a major facelift and looks super gorgeous and pretty now! Don't you think so? And the best part? I did this entirely myself using some really cool templates, headers and buttons from the awesome site - ShabbyBlogs.

Megan is the author of ShabbyBlogs and she is absolutely fantastic and extremely creative. There are tons of freebies at her sites and her how-to-do tutorials are so easy to follow! My blog would never have looked so beautiful if not for her. Thanks, Megan!

Happy No. 2

The world is just filled with talented and creative people. When would I become one of them? Anyway, I found this fantastic site - that has lots of cool handwritten fonts you could use. Kevin and Amanda are the geniuses behind this site. They take submitted handwriting samples and turn them into beautiful fonts for all to use. And did I mention... for free? The next great thing is they also have scrapbook fonts for use and yes...absolutely free again.

Happy No. 3

The best part of today - was knowing that a fellow crafter had her project printed into product cards for distribution at scrapbook retail shops!

Lia is the most talented girl I know. She made the gorgeous box frame for my blogshop (see here)... pretty, ain't it? Anyway, a picture speaks a thousand words. Take a look at her project and visit her at Organised Clutter!

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  1. wah, you sang me praises to the moon! Thanks gal! So *shy*!