Monday, April 26, 2010

Super Short Hair - Should I or Should I Not?

I have been having bad hair days lately. This mane of mine just seem to take on a life of its own and plays surprises on me. On a good day, it would be extremely tame and sleek. On those bad days, I wished I could seek solace in some faraway planet where I won't be recognised.

Truth is, I have been contemplating chopping off my hair (it is a bit of a bob now) down to those pixie styles that are so IN at the moment. So, it's no surprise that many celebrities have opted for super short bobs and pixie cuts. Aside from being low-maintenance, a short style puts more focus on the face and adds more attitude to their overall look. Check out the celebrities' pictures from Total Beauty. These celebrities make cropped hair look gorgeous ... and tempting too!

I like Paris Hilton's style!

Fantasia! What were you thinking with that crop?

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