Friday, April 23, 2010

WishingWiffie's Pretty Handmade Pouches

I have been browsing around extensively on the web to get inspirations for my designs. I must say I am totally amazed at how talented people can be.

I came across this extremely cutsy blogspot selling handmade goodies. To start off, it has an interesting name - Wishingwiffie. It just gives me the feeling of having wings and flying around without a worry in the world. Well, I have not got down to asking Yi Ting, the owner of the blogsite what it means but rest assured that I will do just that.

Well, that said, I must get back to saying how cutesy her designs are. Besides her pretty necklaces and bracelets, she also have cute pouches. Everything are of pretty reasonable prices and I ended up getting a pouch that has designs of planes and rockets on them.

This is the one. Ain't it cute?

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  1. Thanks for supporting wishingwiffie. There is really no particular reason behind our shop's name, it is just a catchy and cute phrase that came into my mind one fine day ^^; And there we have wishingwiffie, a place where we hope to share our joy and love for handmade goodies with everyone.