Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Valentines’ Day Surprise

Sorry for the radio silence for the past couple of days. I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentines’ Day?

Pleasant surprise

Well, I had a really pleasant surprise on V-day itself. If you had read my previous post on 13 Feb, I was wondering aloud which part of the world my Benefit cosmetics are after ordering them a full 2 weeks before (on 30 Jan).

Lo and behold! The package arrived right on V-day itself. Imagine my surprise and elation!

The following came in the package:

- Eraste Paste concealer (colour 2, medium)
- Powderflage powder concealer
- Pocketpal
- Dandelion blusher
- Badgal Blue mascara (came free with orders above US$35)
- Sample size of erase paste (colour 1)

First impression

Pending full reviews, first impression from the products is definitely pleasing. They have quirky names and great product packaging. Also, Benefit kept their promise of the the free Badgal Blue mascara as my orders came above $35. Bravo!

Can’t figure it out

However, I am a little disappointed with the samples. They had promised on their site that I would get 2 free samples (I was seriously looking forward to the samples so I know which other products to buy next). But, I only got one sample and it was for Eraste Paste! I found it puzzling that I should get a sample for Eraste Paste when I had already purchased the full size product. And the paste was in a different shade, meaning I can't use it. Duh!!!

I wrote to them and excerpt of their replies on samples below:

“We apologize that you did not receive your samples. We normally do include samples with every order placed on However, the samples
are subject to availability, so if the fulfillment center does not have any samples then they are not able to include them with your order”

It was really a big dampener as I was hoping for better customer service, like offering me another sample or freebie in my next purchase as a token of apology. Maybe I hoped for too much.

Anyway, I am enjoying the products right now and will follow up with full reviews in time to come. Keep reading!


  1. so is this benefit thing really good? heard so much abt it.... but now am still stuck on my chanel... the powder concealer sounds interesting.. let me know ok? xxx sj

  2. Erm... quick review just for you. The powder concealer is so-so on its own. I think it works best together with the Erase Paste. If you really want to invest, you should go for the paste. The Erase Paste is really great. I can swear by it now. It is cream-based, so it goes on really smooth and does not streak. Really not bad for dark marks. For undereye, the coverage is best if you also pad on Powderflage.

    If you want to try, we can pit our orders together!