Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Review: Helichrysum Hydrosol

Pros: Heals pimples, lighten dark marks, curb skin redness, reduces pore size (seems to be happening to me)

Cons: Unique scent (ok with me but might not agree with everyone)

I was first acquainted to hydrosols while reading a post on Vivawoman about the benefits. Hydrosols or distillates or floral waters which they are also called are the natural "plant waters" (which gives the name floral waters) that are produced during steam distillation or hydro-distillation of essential oil production. Hence, in the steam distillation process of producing lavender essential oil from lavender flowers, you get lavender hydrosols.

Until recently, distillate water was considered the by-product of essential oil production and was discarded. However, as they became recognized for their own inherent characteristics and qualities, this water was kept for their natural uses. Hydrosols typically represent the water-soluble constituents of the plant or flower with some volatile components such as the essential oils. Since the hydrosol is produced during the distillation process, it may contain varying amounts of essential oil and hence the oil’s benefits as well.

I have been using the helichrysum hydrosol for about 2 months now and it is absolutely fantastic. No doubt about it. It really does what it says it can do. I used to have redness on my lower face, and with just a week’s use of the hydrosol after shower, it has been tamed. On Yours Essentially website, where I bought my first helichrysum hydrosol, they highlighted that:

“One of our most sought-after hydrosol despite its debatable aroma! Helichrysum is a healing hydrosol for inflammation, lymph acne problem, acne scars, swelling, bruises, aches and pains. It is a must-have for post surgical recuperation and scar healing. It is hydrating as a toner and appropriate even for sensitive skin”

Some other good things that helichrysum hydrosol does is:

1. Helps with bruises, wounds, scars and prevention
2. Heals the skin and is anti-inflammation
3. Clear acne, blemish and combat oily skin
4. Is a strong anti-hematoma (hence helps in reducing the dark marks from old pimples).

And guess what? Helichrysum is actually the immortelle flower, also known as the everlasting flower. Actually, this is the key product in L’Occitane’s Immortelle Range! Doesn’t this give you an extra boost of confidence in the hydrosol’s effectiveness?

Anyway, I bought my second bottle from Whoopeekiddies, which is much cheaper (ladies, take note!) and might try out the other hydrosols to see the other effects. Let me know if you are using other hydrosols so we can exchange pointers on what else is good out there!

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