Friday, February 6, 2009

Review: Etude House Fresh Cool BB Mousse SPF30 PA++

Pros: Pleasant scent, medium coverage, sun protection of SPF 30, smooth blending, water-based mousse, nice sized packaging, cool neat mousse dispenser, one shade that adapts to skin tone (no hassle of finding the right foundation shade), cheap (only if purchased in Korea)

Cons: Not available in Singapore (available in KL and Bangkok), cheap only if purchased in Korea, can’t see when product is finishing, (update 11 Feb: I forgot to say that I hate the messy fingers I get from applying the mousse. No thanks to its watery nature. Anyway, no perfect world out there - I am still loving my mousse!)

Having heard some much raves about BB creams and their wonders, I am finally officiated into the BB cream fraternity when I my pal, Regina came back from Korea and bought me this BB Mousse. She had tried several brands of BB creams before this but she swears by mousse now.

I don’t see a lot of mousse form BB creams in the market, and I believe Etude House is one of pioneer of such mousse form BB creams. It is really fantastic, and I am now a total covert.

Pleasant scent, medium coverage, sun protection

First of all, the mousse delights with a faint floral scent, so this makes me look forward to using it everyday. The mousse comes out nice and smooth and one pump is sufficient to provide a light to medium coverage that can last a day. I usually only do one pump and blend it well (which is not tough as it goes on smooth). Then, I dot on concealer to cover the pimple marks and I am good to go. If I want a fuller coverage, I just blend on another layer and I would have flawless-looking skin. Its sun protection is an additional plus. Since this is usually my last step after my usual sun screen, I feel like I am extra protected!

Mousse form, water based, blends smooth, adapts to skin tone

Like what it name suggests, first contact of the mousse to your skin is cool and light. As it is water-based, there is no heavy, sticky feeling on application. You don't need a foundation brush to blend as your fingers will do just fine. There is only one shade for the mousse but it definite works miracle as it adapts to your skin tone upon blending. The mousse appears light-coloured on the first few strokes of blending (you might look ghostly for the first 10 secs), but after about 15 secs of blending, it would conform to your skin tone. Imagine no worries about not getting the right foundation shade!

Nice sized packaging, pretty baby purple mousse dispenser

The mousse comes in a sweet baby purple colour and is really pleasing to the eye. It is nicely sized for the hand and forms a perfect grip when you pump. The can is not more than 15 cm tall, so it keeps nicely in any makeup pouch or box.

Cheap (only if bought in Korea)

For such a fantastic product, it retails very cheaply in Korea. It is about S$14 and it last for a long time. But it is only cheap if bought in Korea. I understand that in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok where they are found, it cost about double. So I am counting on my pal to help me replenish stocks when she goes there again.

Love the mousse, so nothing much to nitpick

I must say I have never had such good experience for any products I used. It is always a buy-at-wimp-try-a-few-times-want-to-change relationship for most skincare and make up products. However, this mousse is different. It is really love-at-first-use and I believed I have found THE product that I will use on and on. So there is practically nothing for me to nitpick, except that the mousse is not available in Singapore and the nearest country I can go to find it is KL and Bangkok. Another thing is that I never know when the product is finishing (although I wished it never finishes), so I cannot pre-empt when I would need a new can.

Anyway, if anyone gets your hands on the mousse, I am pretty sure you would like it. Drop me a comment to tell me how much you are loving it!

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  1. Hi!
    I bought this BB cream about 2 weeks ago and I love it. It's a great product to use as a make-up base; it smoothens the skin, makes skin brighter and looks more even, and also creates a natural, dewy complexion.